About My Practice

Update: Dr. Dustan is still accepting new patients. Please call to schedule a consultation.

I have been practicing Adult General Psychiatry in Charleston for twenty five years, first at MUSC, and now for many years in private practice. My practice involves treatment with psychopharmacology as well as psychotherapy. I have a small psychiatric practice with no staff, so my patients deal with me directly for all issues.

As Ron Siegel, PhD said so succinctly, “Life is difficult, for everyone”.

We all need help at times, whether for a serious medical illness like Bipolar Disorder or Panic Disorder, or for the many painful and confusing existential issues that life throws at us. Because many people have to struggle with both; many, but not all, of my patients seek treatment with both medication and psychotherapy. Some patients wish to pursue psychotherapy with me, but do not want or need medication. I prescribe medicine for some patients who receive therapy from other practitioners, but most of my patients patients choose to have both their therapy and medication treatments with me. And many patients choose to be treated with medication and not have therapy.

My pharmacologic practice involves treatment of all major psychiatric conditions, with a particular focus in Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, and ADHD.

My psychotherapeutic approach combines a dynamic base (understanding an individual’s character and struggles in the context of early life events and/or trauma, familial and societal cultural influences, and a belief that our behaviors and choices are often influenced by forces of which we are not fully conscious), together with a focus on Mindfulness based strategies and meditation.

Through many years of practice with wonderful patients who have, by sharing their sufferings and experiences, educated me about their illnesses, I have come to a firm belief that psychiatric illness is best treated holistically.

It is a rare situation in which medication alone is the best solution; various adjuncts improve outcome and often lead to patients needing less medication to be well. In addition to basics such as diet and exercise, adjuncts may include:  psychotherapy, phototherapy, chronotherapy, microcurrent therapy, TMS, nutrients, meditation, food sensitivity testing, and genetic testing to guide medication management.

I work along with my patients to develop a treatment approach that best addresses their needs and perspectives.

You can reach me at my direct line here.
My office is located at 16 Fulton St, Charleston, SC 29401